semi-hollow guitarIt doesn’t happen very often but we had to change some pots on a semi hollowbody guitar this week. Sounds simple? Not when there is no access panel and you have to get the wired up components through the very small f-hole to replace them!

So, how do you get the electrics out of , and more importantly, back in to the guitar?

Fishing line of course! Before removing the pot take the knob off the shaft and partially undo the nut that holds it to the guitar – don’t let it drop through the hole into the body! Tie a length of fishing line (or dental floss or similar) around the thread underneath the loosened nut so that when you let the pot drop into the body you can pull it back into place with the fishing line.

You can now fish out the pot using a hook shaped rod through the f-hole (add masking tape to the edges of the f-hole to protect it from any damage) and clean/re-solder/replace it and simply pull it back into place with the line and use a pair of tweezers to tease the shaft back into its hole if needed.

Jobs a good-un.